Sergey Vasiliev is a fashion artist, a couturier and a fashion designer with 25-year experience in the European and Asian fashion industry (France, Russia, Italy, India, China). A born stylist and a decorator, he is passionate about fashion from his childhood and is able to reflect in his models and collections visual impressions received while traveling around the world, studying art, nature, people and cultural traditions in different parts of the world. His works range from utilitarian, “wearable” things to high fashion, sophisticated, fantasy and even surreal fashion objects.

In the mid-1990s, he founded the fashion brand Seredin&Vasiliev (with his partner Vladimir Seredin) that later on became the invited honorary member of the French Federation of High Fashion (The Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode). In the 2000s he lived and worked in Paris where he was part of the French and international fashion community. He has released over 15 haute couture and pret-a-porter collections. Brand's works were published on the covers of such French magazines as Elle, Madame Figaro, DS Magazine, and many international periodicals like Vogue, L'Officiel, Elle, Numero, Le Mond, Le Nouvel Observateur, Herald Tribune, Citizen K, etc. started writing about a bright duet from Russia. Seredin and Vasiliev were called “fashion surrealists” in Paris for their ability to look beyond the daily reality, break traditional proportions and long-standing traditions, harmoniously combine styles and ideas that look incompatible at first.
Now Sergey lives in Moscow. As a fashion designer he works on private orders, develops capsule collections for sewing companies. Besides, he is well-known as an interior designer and a decorator. In 2016, he participated in the preparation of the Fashion for the People exhibition.  In 2017, he worked on the From Constructivism to Design exhibition. He used rare archive sketches and photographs to reconstruct the costumes of Nadezhda Lamanova, Sergey Eisenstein, Alexander Rodchenko, Vera Mukhina, Alexander Deineka, Varvara Stepanova. He was awarded the All-Russian Victoria Design Awards 2017 for his work on exhibitions and became the Laureate of the Moscow City Award 2018 in Literature and Arts (nomination – Design).
Professional qualifications: experience in the development of seasonal pret-a-porter collections under his own and other brands, experience in managing fashion houses and design office teams, design and production departments. Cooperates with talented artists, sculptors to create original prints on fabrics, original accessories and details of future collections. Open to cooperation offers.

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